Korean Service Corps Battalion
The KSC Battalion provides mission command for the Korean Peninsula's only HET company, the 7th KSC Company (HET), which transports combat platforms in support of the 2nd Infantry Division to various training areas in the northern corridor just south of the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

The 7th KSC Company's HETs conducted 1,651 missions and drove more than 72,460 miles moving combat platforms in 2013. All of these miles were driven with zero at-fault accidents. This is a prodigious achievement considering the inherent risk associated with routinely moving combat platforms at night.

Equally impressive is the Incheon Reception Center, where a section of the 28th KSC Company supports all branches of military personnel, their dependents, and Department of Defense civilians traveling to and from the ROK. The Incheon Reception Center processed over 27,000 travelers over the course of a year.

The KSCs at the Incheon Reception Center provide the first impression of Korea to arriving travelers. The KSC reception team meets inbound personnel at customs, escorts them to the reception center desk, and arranges their onward transportation.

The KSC Battalion has a large linguistic support mission, providing linguists in support of USFK and Eighth Army. The linguists go through a rigorous selection process and must be able to perform written, sequential oral, and simultaneous oral translation from English to Korean and from Korean to English.

These linguists support USFK, the command groups of the Eighth Army and 2nd Infantry Division, and many other organizations and events throughout the peninsula. Translators is always poised to support ROK ministry-level meetings, engagements with ROK Army counterparts, and combined exercises.

As a member of a paramilitary unit with a go-to-war mission, each KSC receives Army combat uniforms, individual protective equipment, and a full set of organizational clothing and individual equipment. Each KSC is also issued a complete set of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear gear that includes an M50 protective mask.

The KSC Battalion leverages planned individual and collective training events to maintain its go-to-war readiness to the same standard as Soldiers. KSCs also participate in 40 hours of mandatory Army warrior training (AWT) each year. Through AWT, KSCs maintain proficiency in the 21 AWT tasks that include first aid, weapons familiarization, map reading, and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense.

Twenty percent of each organic KSC company is combat lifesaver certified. The AWT and combat lifesaver certifications paid off in huge dividends when a Soldier collapsed at Camp Stanley in June 2013. Two KSCs who heard the commotion ran to the scene and saved her life by performing CPR.

One of the hallmarks of the KSC Battalion's paramilitary force is its preparedness for war. Just as they did during the Korean War, KSCs will perform active service alongside Eighth Army on a future Korean battlefield. The mobilized KSC wartime companies will become an integral part of the team and help meet pressing and critical needs and gaps.

The KSC Battalion conducts mobilization exercises to test its ability to expand to wartime strength. The battalion tests its mobilization stations' ability to conduct full-scale operations one or more times a year.

For instance, the battalion conducted an Eighth Army-wide KSC mobilization rehearsal of concept (ROC) drill in with staff from USFK, Eighth Army, and Eighth Army major subordinate commands participating. Host nation guests who participated in the ROC drill came from the ROK Ministry of National Defense, ROK Army, and ROK Ministry of Security and Public Administration.

The KSC Battalion expands to division-level-plus strength and has well over 100 companies when mobilization is complete. The battalion conducts category I (unskilled labor) and category II (skilled labor) muster exercises to hone its coordination skills with the ROK government and to validate the ROK government's ability to send wartime mobilized KSCs to the KSC mobilization stations during a contingency operation.
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